Why cant I get my pool water clear

Why cant I get my pool water clear

Pool Facts January 4, 2016

If you use BioGuard® products, your pool should be so clear you can make out whether a coin on the bottom is heads or tails. If you can’t, one of several things could be wrong.

1. Filtration and Circulation System

Is the flow from the returns in the pool strong or weak? How many hours a day is the filter operating?

The filter must be in proper working order, filled, cleaned and operated no fewer than 10 hours each day in most cases during swimming season. If the filter hasn’t been operating at least 10 hours a day, run it 24 hours a day until the water clears. To speed the process, use BioGuard® Polysheen Plus and Quick Clear or Super Clear Clarifying Tablets.

Is the filter clean?

To clean a dirty filter, remove greases, oils and scale build-up, use BioGuard® FilterBrite. If you have a media filter with a big tank, backwash the filter for several minutes. If its a cartridge filter remove the cartridge and hose clean or soak in FilterBrite

Is there enough sand or Zeolite/Zelbrite in the filter? Is the filter working properly? Does it need to be backwashed?

Service may be required for equipment problems such as no pressure during backwash, air in the system, sand in the pool and others.

2. Chlorine Levels

Is the chlorine level less than 1.0ppm? Are chloramines present?
If the sanitiser level drops in the pool, bacteria and algae may invade or organic wastes can build up, causing water to cloud and lose its sparkle.

Add BioGuard® Lite® or Burn Out® 35. For salt pools, use Salt Pool Sparkle.

3. pH and Total Alkalinity (TA).

Is the pH too high?

If the pH of the water is over 7.6 it may cause cloudiness and scale build-up.

Is the Total Alkalinity high (over 150ppm)? If so, it can cause cloudy water and scale formation.

Monitor pH and add BioGuard® Lo N’ Slo®.

4. Check for Algae

Is algae visible? Are the walls or other fixtures slick or slimy? In its early stages, algae may not be visible or it may show up as black or mustard spots on pool surfaces. Algae may be the source of cloudy water.

Add BioGuard® Power Chlor or Burn Out®35, along with MSA II®.

5. Water Balance

The best way to check water balance is through Total leisure.

Your Bioguard® detailed analysis will check factors such as Calcium Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids, which may also contribute to cloudy water. Follow the recommendations carefully.