What to do if you go away

What to do if you go away

Pool Facts December 22, 2015

BioGuard-Pool-Oxidisers-Burn-Out-Extreme-2015-138x300Leaving your pool unattended for more than a week can allow it to collect debris that might upset the water balance, encouraging bacterial growth.

But you can enjoy your break and avoid water problems by using the BioGuard holiday program.

First, shock the pool with BioGuard Burn Out Extreme to remove any of the existing growth of bacteria and algae and provide a residual chlorine level.BioGuard-Pool-Products-Algacide-MSA-Extreme-e1444718210538

Then add 40ml of BioGuard MSA Extreme per 10,000 litres of water for every month you will be away.

If you have a salt pool use BioGuard Salt Pool Protector and ensure the chlorinator is on and set to maximum percentage output.

Use a timer to continue normal filtration and circulation for at least 12 hours a day while you are away.

When you get back you can take a water sample to your Total Leisure Store to make sure your pool water is properly balanced.