5 Tips to Keep Your Wood Heater Burning Overnight

Facts, Heater Facts March 31, 2017

Many people do not realise that smoke is wasted heat that costs money. If the gases from the fire go up the chimney instead of being burnt, there is less heat available to heat your house. You can minimise the amount of smoke from a wood heater if you: Burn only dry, seasoned, untreated wood

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How A Lopi Wood Heater Works

Facts, Heater Facts February 5, 2016

Pre-heated air wash cleans the glass like a self-cleaning oven; (1A) a steady stream of fresh air enters the heater, gets hot as it is drawn up the heated internal air chamber, and (1B) then travels through a screened airwash which diffuses and evenly distributes air across the glass keeping smoke and ash particles away.

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NSW EPA Standards on Emissions

Facts, Heater Facts February 4, 2016

Tighter emission controls New heaters are cleaner burning and more efficient than older-style wood heaters and open fires. A slow combustion heater will produce less pollution than a pot-belly stove or open fire because the fire is sealed in an air tight box. Check your heater has a compliance plate stating it conforms to the

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