NSW EPA Standards on Emissions

Facts, Heater Facts February 4, 2016

Tighter emission controls New heaters are cleaner burning and more efficient than older-style wood heaters and open fires. A slow combustion heater will produce less pollution than a pot-belly stove or open fire because the fire is sealed in an air tight box. Check your heater has a compliance plate stating it conforms to the

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10 pieces of pool advice for this season

Pool Facts December 22, 2015

Make sure your pool enclosure has a secure fence in good repair and the gate self-closes when opened. Enrol your children in swimming and water safety classes with a Swim Australia registered swim school. Visit Swim Australia for more information. Develop a relationship with Total Leisure. We can give you expert advice to help you maintain

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Getting your pool ready for summer

Pool Facts October 22, 2015

As the weather warms up you can prepare for summer swimming by doing some simple pool maintenance now. A personalised treatment plan from your BioGuard retailer can help, as can the following steps. Remove your pool cover. Drain off any water, but not back into the pool. Sweep the cover to ensure it’s clean and

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