Why cant I get my pool water clear

Pool Facts January 4, 2016

If you use BioGuard® products, your pool should be so clear you can make out whether a coin on the bottom is heads or tails. If you can’t, one of several things could be wrong. 1. Filtration and Circulation System Is the flow from the returns in the pool strong or weak? How many hours a

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Cartridge Filters

Pool Facts December 23, 2015

Cartridge filters have been specially designed for the swimming pool owner who is after clean water without the higher cost of backwashing. The range on offer suits small to medium sized swimming pools and designed for easy installation and maintenance. Supplied with pressure gauge to identify when cleaning is required, our cartridge filter range is perfect

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Five easy steps to a sparkling clean pool

Pool Facts December 22, 2015

Keeping your pool water clean and healthy is easy if you understand the basics. Here’s five key things you should know to avoid potential problems and get the best from your pool. Circulate the water Pool chemicals need to be evenly distributed if they are going to work most effectively. Circulate pool water for at least

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