TriStar™ VS

TriStar™ VS – the most efficient pool pump available at any speed. This pool pump can save up to 90% on your energy costs compared with ordinary single-speed unit. Instead of running continuously at maximum power, the TriStar™ VS pump flow can be changed according to the pool’s requirements at any given time.

The TriStar™ VS is the only pump in the Australian marketplace that has been awarded a 9 Star Energy Rating. It provides customisable speed and priming time to match the needs of both after market and new construction installations.

MaxFlo™ VS

Taking the first step in energy efficiency is simple with the new variable-speed MaxFlo™ VS. Offering up to 80% energy cost savings over single-speed pool pump alternatives via an integrated variable-speed drive and totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor, MaxFlo™ VS is an ideal pool upgrade for those looking to reduce energy use and save money.

MaxFlo™ VS provides customisable speed and priming time to match the needs of both after market and new construction installations.

Super II

For new construction and the after market, Super II is the reliable pool pump that offers high performance capabilities as an upgrade path for medium head pumps.

ProMaster VSD

Davey’s ProMaster® Variable Speed pool pump offers water-cooled, super-quiet operation with high efficiency, making it the ideal choice for today’s swimming pools. The energy efficient 8 Star energy rating offers up to 70% lower energy use than a traditional fixed speed 1hp pump. 

  • Fully Variable Speed Control – The ProMaster® offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate, from 1,500rpm to 3,600rpm.
  • Super Quiet – Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation, rated down to 50 dBa at speed 1. Your neighbours won’t even know it’s there.
  • Backwash Function – ProMaster® is designed with a selectable backwash cycle that runs the pump for 2 minutes at 3,800rpm before shutting down. It provides for safe, reliable and easy operation of the pump when backwashing your media filter.

Silensor Series

Are you after the quietest of pool pumps? The name says it all… Davey Silensor. The patented water-cooled motor makes Silensor so quiet, you can use it at any time of the day or night. The range offers an optional extra large leaf basket for fewer cleans, giving you the perfect single speed pool pump for any residential use. Silensor can be retrofitted for Powerace models.

PowerMaster PMECO

Efficiency is key to reducing power costs at the pool pump. The 8 Star PMECO Pump fits all PowerMaster pumps as a direct replacement and has 3 different power settings, making money saving a breeze.

  • 150lpm @ 10m head – Medium Speed
  • 720 Input Watts – Medium Speed