Puresilk Series

The Puresilk PS25 Chlorinator range is one of the most advanced in the market and the most popular in our range. From the vertical design and bypass allowing for better flow, reduced pressure drop and reduced installation size to the secure and sealed power connections to the cell, this chlorinator range is one of the finest.

  • 25-45 Grams of Equivalent Chlorine per hour
  • Water balanced like a tear drop for comfort
  • Self Cleaning Cell
  • Low Salt Warning light
  • 24- Hour Boost Mode


Think of everything you might want in a chlorinator, no big box to hang, pump cables plugged into one single location, easy to use display, horizontal and vertical installation; well this is the chlorinator for you. Davey’s NEW ProMatic Salt Water Chlorinator. Keep your pool crystal clear and clean all year round with our state of the art, technologically advanced “All-in-One” Chlorinator. The simple and reliable salt water sanitiser from Davey.

  • Smart “All-in-One” Power Source and Cell
  • Self Cleaning “Mechanical Wiper Technology”
  • Suitable for low flow energy efficient pumps
  • Automatically adjusts chlorine output to the pool water temperature up to 24g/h
  • LO, OK & HI salt level indicator
  • In-built flow detector, stops electrolysis if no flow is present, preventing dangerous gas build-up
  • Vertical or horizontal installation


Combine the feel of natural, clean, sparking pool water with automated pool chlorination. The Davey Chloromatic series range from 16g/h to 50g/h and is ideal for residential pools. This model boasts Davey’s easy-to-use  controls, easy-to-clean reverse polarity cell and the option of automatic pH control. 

Davey SCMax

The Davey SCMax range of salt water sanitiser systems are part of the complete range of Davey salt water chlorinators. Designed and engineered in Australia for small to large residential pools, community and commercial pools to resort and aquatic centre installations. Davey can provide the right equipment to suit.

The Davey SCMax 50g/h and 100g/h require a salinity of between 4000-6000ppm and a flow rate of 170lpm and 235lpm respectively.