Not all hoses are created equal

Not all hoses are created equal

Pool Facts December 4, 2015

Pool Side/Wall SuctionThere are hundreds, if not, thousands of different pool hoses in the market. Here we are going to try and help out finding which one suits you.

First things first, what are you going to connect to?

There are two common suction points for your pool. Some pools have a side or wall suction (pictured) designed for connection to a cleaner like the Zodiac Baracuda, Hayward Navigator or even just to a brush vacuum head (CVB501-A). The other suction point on the pool, and the most common point of connection, is a vacuum plate in the skimmer box.

Connecting your hose to the pool is as simple as filling the hose with water, start with one end under water and from there submerge the hose towards the open end to fill, then connect to the suction without the filtration pump running and without allowing air in the hose. Then connect the other end to the cleaning tool and turn the filtration pump on to start.

Some cleaners require a flow regulator, these allow additional water into the hose system if the pump has strong suction. This ensures the pump isn’t over worked and also that there are no collapses in the hoses or damage to the cleaning equipment.

Back to the hose itself! Generally in Australia we use 32mm and 38mm hoses. But these will have different fittings depending on cleaner brands you may use.

Generally pool hoses purchased from a reputable retailer will have a 2 year warranty, but to ensure the life of your pool hose is maximised, its best to follow a few key points.

Pool Hose Hints and Tips

  • Keep out of the sun when not in use to reduce the damage to the plastics
  • Have only the required amount of pool hose in the pool at any time to stop the hose curling up
  • If the hose does curl, take it out of the pool and lay it flat in the sun in the late afternoon for a few hours to heat up then cool down naturally, this will reset the “memory” in the hose and straighten it out when storing with a hang and hold (MPH401)
  • If your pool hose get a break in it, pop into your local pool shop to pick up a hose joiner (CJX138) and simply screw the hose back together
  • If you have hose sections, store them with a hose hanger (ZAS700) to ensure they stay straight

Pool Hose Types

  1. Type B 1.5m Green – suits Kreepy Krauly & Onga Pool Shark (CHQ010)
  2. Type A 1.1m Grey – suits Hayward Cleaners (CHQ020)
  3. Type B 1m White – suits Baracuda & Questa (CHQ030)
  4. Type B 1m Grey – suits Baracuda/Avenger (CHQ040)
  5. Type B 1m Black – suits Baracuda/Avenger (CHQ050)
  6. Type B 1m Pearl Blue – suits Baracuda/Avenger (CHQ060)
  7. Type B 1m Dark Blue – suits Baracuda/Avenger (CHQ070)
  8. Type B 1m Twin Blue – suits Baracuda/Avenger (CHQ080)