How to enjoy swimming without eye irritation

How to enjoy swimming without eye irritation

Pool Facts December 22, 2015

Nobody wants to see red, irritated eyes in the mirror after an enjoyable day of swimming.
It happens when avoidable irritants or excessive chemicals cause blood vessels near the surface of the eye to become enlarged, but it can be prevented by ensuring your water’s pH and other levels are under control.

ALL pools with good water balance (particularly pH and sanitation control) will protect the swimmers’ eyes and skin from discomfort.

BioGuard-Spa-Oxidisers-PurityRather than wearing goggles in the pool to protect your eyes and a wetsuit to protect your skin, there are some easy steps to follow to reduce the likelihood of the water irritating your eyes or skin.

It’s vital that you have the correct balance in your pool water, which is achieved through the proper use of sanitisers, oxidisers, algaecides and balancers.

Total Leisure will test a sample of your pool water and offer personalised advice specifically tailored to your pool or spa’s needs. It’s recommended that you do this once a month, as a range of factors, including the weather and heavy use of the pool, can influence the way you treat your pool.
ezi-floaterChlorine or sanitisers make pool water safe for swimming by killing bacteria, but overdosing results in chemical compounds, known as chloramines. These chloramines can irritate eyes and skin. Chloramines are a mixture of chlorine combined with the things it’s designed to kill in the pool, including sweat, sunscreen and even urine.

That’s why it’s important to ensure the right balance of sanitiser, oxidiser (to remove chloramines) and other products. And encouraging people to shower before using your pool can reduce the likelihood of bacteria and other nasties entering the water.

Eye specialists usually recommend that people with contact lenses wear goggles when swimming. This prevents the lenses from being washed away or affected by the water. Goggles are also a good idea for any swimmer using an unfamiliar pool.

If your water is out of balance and you experience sore, red eyes after swimming, flush them with cool water or a specialised eye rinse. A cool compress can reduce the sore, tight feeling. There are also eye drops available from pharmacies that can offer relief from irritation.