GreenStart™ Auto Ignition Switch for Wood Heaters

GreenStart™ Auto Ignition Switch for Wood Heaters

Facts, Heater Facts February 5, 2016

greenstart auto ignition diagramStarting your wood heater has never been easier. Much like Charles Kettering’s invention of the electric car ignition 100 years ago, the GreenStart igniter system has evolved the ignition of fire in a spectacular way and has become the greatest innovation in wood heating in over 100 years.

Starting a fire in your wood heater is now as convenient as pushing a button. No longer is the mess of starting a fire with matches and newspapers a concern as it has been eliminated entirely by this breakthrough new igniter system.

Fireplace safety has increased, as well as there is no longer a need to leave doors ajar to promote the fire start up.The GreenStart system works much like a blacksmith bellows. A compressor forces 760 degree celcius preheated air into the firebox directly onto the wood source giving a clean fast smokefree start up.

This combination of the igniter and bellows is the brilliance of this patented design. This system is also ideal for refreshing old fires as well by simply adding new fuel on top of the old coals, closing the door and pushing the button two times. This activates the bellows without activating the ignitor. The bellows will run for 7 minutes, enough time to rekindle the fire.

The new GreenStart system instantly elevates combustion temperatures within your wood heater, immediately establishes a draft and eliminates the slow and smoky typical wood fireplace start up. The GreenStart Igniter system will start wood burning within a minute. After the initial start up the blower will continue pumping air at various speeds like a bellow into the fire greatly accelerating the start up time. After 15 minutes the blower shuts off.

For best results dry, seasoned wood is required when using the GreenStart system. Never before has starting a fire in a wood stove or insert been so simple.