Electric Heat Pumps

Electric Heat Pumps

Pool Facts, SPA Facts December 23, 2015

If you’re looking for a swimming pool heater, a swimming pool heat pump or pool heating systems, you are in the right place. Total Leisure’s pool heating service allows you to have a swim in your new or existing pool or spa all year round.

Our pool heating service installs your heater within hours, allowing you to set your pool temperature from up to 40 degrees with a touch of a button. Best of all, our pool and spa heat pumps are up to 80% cheaper to run when compared to electric element heating options and come with up to a 15 year warranty.

Luckily we don’t just do pool heating, we can also heat your spa. Our hot tub heater and small pool heating device, allows you to enjoy your hot spa or small pool 365 days a year including at night and in winter at temperatures up to 40 degrees.

If you’re after a pool heat pump for your home, our domestic pool heater allows you to enjoy a swim at night, in the morning or in the middle of winter at the temperature you want. This pool heating device is very quiet and comes with an LCD remote that allows you to set your pool temperature with a touch of a button.

In the Riverina in July we can have your pool from 7°C to 28°C in between 2-3 Days, maintaining it is a lot easier and uses less energy. Additionally to keep a pool at its desired temperature, a pool blanket is recommended. For more information contact us


Hayward options:

The Hayward Titanium EnergyPro heat pump provides an energy efficient solution to your pool heating options. With its Titanium heat exchanger, EnergyPro heat pumps heat pool water more efficiently whilst maintaining a quiet relaxed backyard environment. Depending on individual use and application of the pool, a heat pump may just be the perfect fit. The EnergyPro heat pump is designed to economically extend the swimming season. It will literally allow you the opportunity to swim longer into the evening hours, earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

  • High efficiency Titanium counter-flow heat exchanger for unrivaled, uncompromising and trouble-free performance – even under the harshest conditions.
  • Profiled fan blade design provides improved air flow and extremely quiet operation.
  • A hot gas defrost valve enables the unit to operate at lower ambient temperatures.
  • Complete with a digital keyboard allowing all operation parameters to be set and displayed on the control panel.