Pool Automation Options

Pool Filtration and control systems are often out of the way, hidden to remove the ghastly sight of pipes and filters and to reduce the noise pollution from the whirring pumps. This brings us to the subject of Pool Automation and control and how you can integrate it into existing and new pool builds.

There are a host of different solutions we offer at Total Leisure and they all depend on the requirements of the customer. However if you are after a sub panel to hard wire to then something like the Astral Pools options is fantastic and if you are after a simple add on the the Hayward On Command System might be the way to go.

With either of these you can add in pump control, valve control, remote connectivity and even have additional ports for heating systems, spa blowers, and more.

If you are after a simple and easy upgrade to turn your water feature on, or maybe even to remote control the pools and garden lights, then contact us below and we will be sure to have the right solution to your needs.

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